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Below are comments made by other people who have visited us here at Bristol Pet Boarding. We do appreciate it when people take the time to leave a message, so please feel free to do so.

Review by Jenny Thomas on 27 June 2013

Thanks for looking after our girls while we were on hols last week. Sorry you had all the trauma with tinker bell!
Glad to have them home with us now.

Review by Neil Owen on 27 June 2013

Hi elaine thank you for looking after oscar and archie again this month , we know there in trusted and capable care thank you once again , oh and ps , kenny our new addition is adorable .

Review by Vicky Gregson on 27 June 2013

Hi Elaine,
Just to say thank you again for looking after the 4 girls while we were away. They settled straight back in at home. Will be recommending you in future!
Thanks again,

Review by Loretta on 27 June 2013

Hi, Elaine, Dave and girls,
just like to say a big THANK YOU or looking after the guinea pig boys for us again, they are as usual happy and contented and so well looked after.
And as we discussed Monty is settling down and relaxing more, Urwin has noticed he doesn't run and hide so much now.
speak to you soon,
take care Loretta, Urwin and the boys

Review by Loretta on 27 June 2013

Hi Elaine, Dave and girls
Just to say thanks for looking after the guinea pig boys for us again, as usual, they were very well looked after.

We do have a bit of bad news though the end of last week Frankie had to be put to sleep as I came home from work and found him led out on the hay unable to move, the vet said it looked like he had a stroke or a masive seazure, so it was the kindest thing to do.
I couldn't believe it was so weird because he was running around and being naughty with the boys only the previous evening. He was about 4 1/2 years old.
Anyway thanks again Loretta and Urwin and the guinea pig boys xxxx

Review by Laura on 27 June 2013

We have boarded our 2 bunnies with you numerous times and just wanted to express how happy we (and they) always are to come and stay. They are so well cared for and get lots of love and attention and one of our rabbits allergies is perfectly catered to.
I can't recommend you highly enough.

Review by Elaine on 27 June 2013

Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my 5 bunnies whilst I was away. They have settled back in at home like they have never been away so they must have enjoyed thier stay with you! I will bring them back to you next time we go away.

Review by Loretta on 27 June 2013

Hi Elaine, Dave and girls,
A quick update on Monty our cream/white rex boy we got from you last sept 2010. He is just adorable and still getting along well with Woody and Frankie who are both happy and well. Monty loves to stand on his back legs and talk to Crumble in the next cage, they seem to like each other, Treacle just looks on.
Monty likes his cuddles and gives me little guinea pig kisses, he's such a sweety.
I will contact you soon about the boys holiday care, as I know you take such good care of them, I would recommend you to any one who needs their pets looked after while on holiday.
Take care love Loretta, Urwin and the boys.xx