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Rabbit Image Please use this form for all boarding quotations and also bookings, you will be able to enter details on the next page. Please notice that there are 3 sections below, first one for the dates of the booking, second one for guinea pig and rabbit boarding and third one for hamster, rat or tortoise boarding. This is because guinea pig and rabbit boarding is based on the amount of animals sharing a hutch as well as how many hutches are required. Hamsters, rats and tortoises must come with their own cages so prices are dependent on how many cages will be coming to us.

Boarding Dates

Please enter the dates that you would like us to look after your animals.

* If a date is unavailable then you are unable to drop off/collect on that day.

Guinea pigs and Rabbits

Please let us know whether you have guinea pigs or rabbits, how many will be sharing a hutch and how many hutches you will require.

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Hutch 2 (if needed)
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Hamsters, Rats, Tortoises and African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Please let us know what animal you would like us to look after and whether they will be coming in one or two cages. If you should have more than two cages then please get in touch to ensure we have space available. Regarding tortoises, younger tortoises will be kept indoors in a tortoise tray and older tortoises are kept outside on our lawn. Whichever animal you have, an appropriate cage/house needs to be supplied by the owner.

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Cage 2 (if needed)